What To Expect

How Do I find Kirtland Community of Christ?

Kirtland Community of Christ is located at 9017 Chillicothe Road in Kirtland, Ohio. It is right across the street from the historic, Kirtland Temple.

Where do I go when I get there?

The main entrance is on the side of the building. When you park in the parking lot, walk up the ramp into the single door, which will then take you through a set of double doors. The sanctuary is on the left. Feel free to grab some brochures, which are displayed on your way in, to find out more information about our church community.

What should I wear?

Come as you are! There is no dress code. You can dress up, or dress down, as much as you want. You will see people dressed up in their Sunday best, but others will be in blue jeans, shorts, t-shirts, tennis shoes, and flip flops..

Is this a child-friendly congregation?


We love our children! Children are more than welcome at our worship services. We believe it is important for all ages to come together to attend, participate, and connect with each other in our church community.

Having said that, we are a relatively small congregation. Children and teens are very busy these days. You may walk in some weeks and wonder where our youth are. However, we can assure you that our youth are active and very important to us. Services often include focus moments geared toward children and teens of all ages. Children, teens, and young adults are also encouraged to participate through prayer, music, readings, testimony, and anything else that they would be willing and able to do.

We also offer youth events throughout the year, and we encourage our youth to attend summer and fall retreats with our larger youth community throughout our mission center and country. We will even help with expenses for those retreats!

What is worship like?

Our congregations are run by lay ministry. This means that there will be a different person presiding and giving the sermon every week. See our worship page under the ministries tab for more information.

What activites are available besides classes and worship?

Make sure you check out our Ministries, Community Activities, and Calendar of Events pages. Here are some highlights:

- “Whatever Wednesday” on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month
- Annual Retreat (Family Reunion) with our Mission Center, which includes congregations from northeast Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania.
- Summer and fall youth retreats
- Potlucks
- Our annual Thanksgiving dinner shared with over 200 people from surrounding areas
- Pancake breakfasts the first Saturday of every month