IYF announcement

The International Youth Forum (IYF), originally scheduled for July 2021, will be postponed, until 2023. On the recommendation from the IYF 2021 Directors Team, the Council of Twelve made this difficult decision for several reasons. For many participants and their families, the first payments for travel reservations are due soon. That would not be possible for many people who are experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 situation. The team also recognizes the budget impact this pandemic may have on the church’s finances and it’s ability to fund an event like IYF in the coming months. IYF Le Buena Fe, in Honduras, has also been postponed to a future date. More details will be shared as they are available.

1 Comment

  1. That’s good to know thank you & I support this decision. I would also put my 2 cents in for Spec this year. I love it so much but I would hate to see our youth & all the staff put their life in jeopardy. Not all states have had a lockdown order. And this is to easy to have it spread again. We could let the youth that are in 12 grade this year go next year for there last time & not let the 9 grade go till 2022.

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